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COVID -19 and genesis of New Normal

As we face the uncertain times amidst the chaos and fear of COVID- 19 pandemic, it is like the world has come to a standstill. The governing bodies across the world imposed the lockdown, promoted isolation and social distancing.

People caged in their homes for weeks, scarcity or limited resources and other restrictions have resulted in a sudden and unpredicted shift in lifestyle. This shift is also the genesis of a few lifestyle trends that are emerging in different parts of the world and being caught by other ends. A quick Instagram survey with 120 respondents (Mostly Millennials and Gen Z) was done to double-check on these trends. These situational trends can go big and become the New Normal.

Hit the Nostalgia.

With plenty of hours in our hand and a little to do, we are opening up the treasures from the past. Masked under the cleaning process, either we are going back to old albums to rearrange them or clearing out some storage area in our gizmos. Even with the entertainment industry, the shows from the ’80s and ’90s are being aired again. Some or other way we’re hitting up the nostalgia. And why not? Like Tokyo said in season 4 of Money Heist, “Finding out those moments from the past, even if we didn’t realize it at the time, were true happiness.” All we need is some happiness at this time. As the ‘70s and ‘80s inspired fashion was already in trend, the nostalgia may hit for a longer run.

Shave it. Scrub it. Wax it.

With the unavailability of salons and beauty parlours, people have turned towards the homemade beauty and grooming regimens. A lot of men has chosen to shave their beard or head during quarantine, knowing they’re staying inside only and can experiment with their hairstyle or facial hair. Sometimes the instant reaction from peers don’t allow us to experiment and this isolation is giving us time to adjust with the new look. Also, By making homemade face masks, scrubs or even waxing at home people are finding alternates of salons.

Whisk it till you can.

The one thing currently doing rounds on social media is the coffee that needs to be whisked until you hurt your wrist, Dalgona coffee. The trend is said to be originated from South Korean Youtuber’s and later was picked as a challenge by millions of Tiktokers across the world. The coffee is surely keeping us busy, either by making it or in case of us Desis, arguing that we have been making this “ phenti hui coffee” since ages. 55% of our respondents did participate in this trend by some or other way. This phenomenon of making local cuisine popular can become a trend in the future. It also shows the power of social media. Tiktok for one, the rising star of social media is surely going to go bigger in future. Not just the coffee, people are cooking and baking delicacies which they would have simply ordered earlier. Slow-cooked food is being prepared with the family and jolly good time is spent.

Image source: Tumblr

Work, learn, sleep.

Once frowned upon, currently, the “need of an hour”, Work From Home- WFH is the spirit of the time. One thing this pandemic has made it clear that most of our work meetings can just be an Email. With nationwide lockdown, many of us are Working From Home in whichever capacity. The video conferencing app Zoom has seen massive 62 Million downloads in march worldwide. Which illustrates the widespan acceptance of WFH. Surely, this pandemic will have an adverse effect on the businesses, the economy and not everything can be sorted by sitting at your work desk in pyjamas, but the WFH arrangement is the new normal.

The same has happened with online education. With schools and colleges closed in the middle of the semester, institutions have gone online. Of course, online education has been rising for quite some time but the priority was always given to a brick-mortar form of education. With a plethora of online learning platforms available and people have experienced the ease of an online set for learning, that industry will surely boom.

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