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#2020wrapped, A marketing lesson from Spotify

Few days before I write this article, my paid subscription from Gaana, an Indian music streaming service ended and was constantly bombarded with ads to renew it. Meanwhile, Spotify had its own advertisement game, irritating and long, for its paid subscription.

Since Spotify entered India, I had been using it as a side kick - to play the songs that were not available on Gaana. With the recent updates and the changed User Interface (UI) , slowly I have been inclined towards Spotify for the streaming service.

Then, falls the month of December and Spotify dropped its annual year end campaign Wrapped with a spoonful of emotions.

As we know the year 2020 has been hard on all of us and music is one of the things that have helped bearing the lockdown, stress and anxiety. But, what I really loved about this campaign is that it gave an experience to its users. It was customized individually backed with quirky one liners.

Image: Screenshots taken from Spotify India App

The story like feature showcased the top songs, artists and genres we played in last year along with number of streams and other details. Since, it was tailored to each user people were quick to post it on social media and talk about it. As I write this blog, there are 4000+ posts on Instagram with #2020wrapped and uncountable stories. It is indeed, a conversation starter - giving more and more social media presence to Spotify.

For me, the results were kind of predictable as I used the app for specific songs and genre. But, I was smitten over the way it was presented to me, my favorite songs being played in the background and beautiful visuals of all the top played songs.

Video: My #2020wrapped on Spotify

The whole thing is packed with beautiful experience that the users will like to share and talk about on various social media platforms. Another thing to notice is the amount of data Spotify would be storing and processing along with the right technology to give us this campaign.

As for me , I am thinking to subscribe to Spotify's yearly plan and hope my next year' s Wrapped will be even interesting.

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