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An Ajrakh Affair

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

When the buzz is generated about resuscitating the dying arts and crafts of India, several design Labels have come forward to contribute to this notion. But, where they fail to make an actual impact is at the longevity of their contribution. Some being the exceptional,work extensively to redefine and revive the crafts.

In the parched land of Kutch-Gujarat, the intricate motifs are block printed on fabric; Coloured with the Dyes extracted from the nature and dried out in open sky as if an offering made to the divine sun. This craft is called Ajrakh.

At Vraj:bhoomi, A slow and sustainable fashion label based out of Ahmedabad, every creation focuses on the contemporary revival of Ajrakh. Instead of relying on trend and colour forecasts, they have stayed true to its traditional colour palette. The shades and tones of these colours are extensively dependent on its surroundings and thus, the results are highly unpredictable.

Despite all the restraints of this craft, every Vraj:bhoomi collection brings out something ‘nouveau’. Various contemporary motifs are used along with traditional blocks which gives a balance of traditional and contemporary; taking inspiration from across the world, this local craft is given a global twist and promoted to the international market.

Note: This piece was written during the internship at Vraj:bhoomi, circa 2018 #ajrakh #sustainability #craftsofgujarat #blockprinting #adityamehta

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