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The color story: Ajrakh

Block printed regularities and Intricacies, colored in the dyes procured naturally; the age old art of Ajrakh holds its legacy till date.Traditionally, Ajrakh is limited in colors; dyes are obtained from nature, mostly from plants and flowers and used in the time honored manners.


The color of love, passion and courage, Red, is integral color of Ajrakh. Playing in harmony with Blacks and blues, Red brings liveliness in an Ajrakh printed fabric. These alizarin dyed fabrics are later transcribed into Statement making garments and accessories.


Mysterious as a midnight and deep as the ocean, Indigo holds many perceptions of its own.

Extracted from “Indigofera tinctoria”; named like a magic spell, green leaves of the indigo plants cryptically turns into deep blue dye stuff. Indigo being the dominated one, invokes the sense of enchantment, sereneness and (one more adjective) in the printed fabrics.


Sweet jaggery mixed with sour tamarind, sprinkled with iron and kept aside for nights, the mixture gets color as dark as the night. In Ajrakh, one of the first colours stamped on the fabric is black, creating outlines or intricate patterns in the motif. It brings the perspective and elegance of the prints. It’s not just the black & white; it’s the shades of gray as well, where it invokes the bold elegance and chic to the wearer. Note: This piece was written during the summer Internship at Vraj:Bhoomi, circa 2018. #ajrakh #blockprinting #craftsofindia #handmade #vrajbhoomi #colorsofajrakh #craftsofgujarat

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