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A Multidisciplinary Artist

I am an Artist, working with various mediums at a time. Be it hard and structured Stained Glass, Soft and Flowy Fabrics, Digital Illustrations to handmade Zentangles, Various Fabric manipulation techniques, to Design Research, I shift my medium as per the need.



Sari Shibori

Hand-Dyed irregularities and the six yards of drapes in the soft cotton breeze.


In Frame: Punya Chhajer

Photograph: Rajul Golchha


Long Trailed Gown

A long-trailed, flowy gown, Hand Dyed with love in Shades of Sunset hues.

This dress is made as part of my final submission for Continue Education Course, Apparel Design, and Development at NIFT - Mumbai.


In Frame: Rukmi Mehta

Photograph: Aditya Mehta

Fashion Illustrations

It started with a 13 years old kid watching Cinderella cartoon, falling in love with Ball gowns and sketching it.  Since then, I have learned Illustrations on my own.

Currently, I make handmade Illustrations and also use Digital Mediums like Autodesk Sketchbook.

Costume Study

What happens when Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones, come to the 21st century?

Well, this Assignment made us* think about it.

We had to select any character, fictional or real, and based on the character analysis, we had to create a garment for the contemporary time.

Check the process, character analysis, and more pictures.

* Co-Designed with Zeal Mehta

Model: Zorini Hmar

Photograph: Bargavi Ravishankar

Hand Dyed Irregularities

Carefully tied and Dyed in vibrant hues. These handcrafted irregularities take us back to the history of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Japan.

Saree, Dupatta, and daily wear are made with love using tie-dye and Shibori techniques.

The White Shirt Project

The White shirt project was part of a class assignment, where I had to select a country and represent that country on a white shirt/tee using any fabric manipulation/ornamentation or surface development techniques.

Turkey is a country with the cultural amalgamation, cosmopolitan nature and art. To represent the country, I chose EBRU, one of the oldest printmaking techniques and used it on a T-shirt. The colors, blue and green represent the oceans that surround Turkey from three sides.

Model: Shubham Gaware

The White Shirt project
Junk Jewellery

Junk Jewellery

A class assignment, to collect junk from college premises and make some jewelry out of it.

Couple of rounds, one coconut shell, and some gold brushes later.. Voila! the statement-making, sustainable hand accessory is ready.

Model: Nisaphi Lyndem



Glass as a medium is interesting. It's hard and brittle and melts like ice when kept in the furnace.

It is fun working in stained glass, glass molding, glass painting, and etching.


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